Why buy locally farmed beef?

When you buy locally farmed beef, you are supporting and improving local agriculture, economy and sense of community. You are creating a direct line between you and the farmer, decreasing the amount of processing, and providing your family with the freshest product available. Ole Timey does not add any fillers, additives or preservatives to our products. 

What are the health benefits associated with grass fed beef?

Research has shown that grass fed beef has fewer saturated fats and higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids! 

Does it taste different that conventional corn finished beef?

The answer is YES! It has a hearty beef flavor. It also has less marbling and over all a lower fat content than corn finished beef. It is an excellent fit for people looking to shed a few pounds without eliminating beef from their diet. We recommend that grass fed steaks be cooked to no more than a medium temperature to provide an enjoyable eating experience. 

Why does West Ridge Farms refer to their steers as happy cows?

They are nurtured and raised in a healthy grazing environment in Little Mountain, SC. The pastures are comprised of slow rolling hills covered in lush grasses. The herd is fed an all vegetarian diet including a small amount of grain by-products approved by the American Grass Fed Association. They are given no Antibiotics or added Hormones. 


Locally Sourced , Sustainably Farmed, Grass Fed cattle that are hand selected exclusively from our friends at West Ridge Farms in Little Mountain, South Carolina.

Ole Timey Meats Whole Animal Butchery

Why did Ole Timey Meats pick this farm?

As we began exploring the possibility of partnering with a farm and offering local grass fed beef, we were very impressed with the care given to the animals. The farm was beautiful and surreal! The farmers, John & Adam Frick are knowledgeable and transparent with their farming practices as well as committed to producing the best line of grass fed Red Angus cattle possible. 

When can I find this product in your stores?

As Ole Timey begins this endeavor, we have chosen harvest dates coordinated with the farm. We are encouraging you to pre-order cuts so that we are able to utilize the whole animal. The full sides will be delivered straight from the slaughter plant where they are humanely harvested to our Rosewood location. We will fabricate the beef into desired portions to fill our orders. The cuts will be available fresh for up to three days and then frozen thereafter.

Can I purchase a front or hind quarter?

YES, but it is not necessary. We call this program a "co-op" because it allows everyone to share in the purchase of a whole cow without having the investment of larger portions like quarters. Quarters average between 120-150 pounds. If you have the freezer space and are interested in larger portions, please let us know!