Buck Brazell

As our in house wine aficionado, he's responsible for the cheapest prices on wine around and keeping your backyard festivities fun and loose.

Meat the Team

Tim Barrineau

Despite his colorful background, he's always wanted to be a butcher. With his baby face and blue eyes he can pretty much do anything.

Heather Lee

This local girl from Lugoff- Elgin hatched in our stores. Known for her chicken salad and not being able to see over the counter, make no mistake she sees all! 

Our dedication to mastering our craft, paired with a unique vision & sensibility,  shape all that we do.

Jason Williams

Sold into the business as child labor at 13 years old, he's put in enough years for retirement. If we can keep him out of the water, he is our in-house encyclopedia for fabrication and all things meat.